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 Workshop Testimonials 

Testimonials for "The Souls Calling" 
These testimonials are from students who participated in "The Soul's Calling" 2018

* * * * *

"The Souls Calling" was an interactive event, which was well organized and professionally served.  Simon James was clear and concise in his delivery of lectures and practices during the event.  The practice sessions were fun but also filled with inspiration for the attendees, and most had successful outcomes. A great many friendships were formed here as well.

Having been a practicing medium for over 40 years, this event opened the door to my own Souls Calling.

I cannot express enough gratitude to Simon James for helping me to open this door. 
I would recommend this course to all whether experienced medium or novice in this work. It will teach you about the history of mediums, the discipline needed to reach that pinnacle to being a medium with integrity, truth, and caring for people, and also the discipline needed to work at becoming that medium.

If this event is an indication of effort and organization, The Summer Land Centre will be successful in organizing many more events of diverse disciplines within this field.  Thank you Rita for your hard work organizing and overseeing this event. Your kind and caring attitude to others shone through!!    


A. Participant

* * * * *

I was taken aback with the knowledge and teaching from Simon James.  I expected to receive the same teachings that I've had at courses I had participated in during past years. However, I am pleased to say, "NO, it wasn’t!" I felt clarity, I now have direction and know there is so much more to look forward too!


    Simon is a phenomenal teacher. He was patient, never rushing us. He answered each question, providing valuable insight with his lectures and discussions which all translated through the practical exercises. I highly recommend this class for everyone working with mediumship and healing. I know I will be practising what I learned and I look forward to the next courses. Thank you Summer Land Centre for providing such an excellent program and a most memorable experience to us, here in Ontario. 

Adele Ritchie

* * * * *

This was the most highest valued awareness that was energetically shifting my soul on a deeper level and moved me into strengthening positive thoughts and having more confidence in myself and achieving truth and accuracy in connecting with God and source.


Suzette Rose Lefebvre

* * * * *

I highly recommend taking courses or workshops through the Summer Land Centre. The facilitators are top notch!


June 23, 2018, "Reflections of Mediumship and Spirit Art 
with Shirrene May and Rita Vogel Post

As a novice beginner I gained a tremendous amount of confidence. I did not originally want to go because I had no interest in developing my skills in connecting with spirit world. Both Rita and Shirrene encouraged me and told me I would not regret it. I learned within the first little while how important the healing part of connecting with spirit world really was and the bonus was meeting so many like-minded people. It was a truly great day.


Meeting new people with the same interests. My main focus was to attend workshops that I am drawn to. This workshop was perfect in helping me to reconnect with Spirit as a participant and relax with the calming energies throughout the whole day. To meet like-minded friends, and know that we all have the same interest at heart. The meditations and exercises were perfect. The artwork was also very interesting. Overall I feel the day was very healing and relaxing for myself. Thank you I am looking forward to attending others. 


Rita and Shirrene provide a very kind, caring, inclusive, and supportive environment in which to learn and explore connections with the Spirit World. 

~ B.C.                    

A very inclusive workshop for both experienced and novices in a warm and friendly environment.

~ N.C.                    

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