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About Summer Land Centre


Summer Land Centre

In my journey of mediumship development, I have been blessed to sit with the great teachers. I first started in a circle with a Medium named Shirrene May. She was and still is one of the very best teachers I have had the honour of working with and still work with today.


Organizing and having a centre where students of healing and mediumship could join together to share experiences and help each other has been a dream of mine for more than ten years. My original plans were not meant to be, and it seems this dream was something I was to organise independently with the support of some great people. This is how Summer Land Centre came to be. I wanted to invite remarkable teachers to come here and share their knowledge with you. 


Summer Land Centre will be offering circles and development classes, workshops and retreats. We will bring international teachers to provide incredible experiences for you and your mediumship development.


We are excited to share with you and hope you join us on this journey. Please feel free to share our website and Facebook page. 

We will be sending out a questionnaire to see what interests you please join our email list if you would like to receive our upcoming questionnaire to learn what interests you may have and see how we may serve you better. You are also invited to Subscribe to our email and newsletters. We do not share our list with third parties and you have the option to opt out at any time.

We welcome you to Summer Land Centre and look forward to meeting you.

Rita Vogel Post

 Our Logo

Significance and Symbology of the Summer Land Centre Logo

I must first share that the Sunflower has personal significance to me. It makes me smile to this day as I recall learning the Sunflower was a symbol of Spiritualism. However, Spiritualism itself has much more meaning to me now; I will save that for another time. 


I am a graphic designer and I do spirit art, both require an understanding of colours shapes and symbols. Creating logos is something I thoroughly enjoy, especially when I can apply significant meaning to the logo. The Summer Land Centre logo came together rather quickly, it has a lot of information packed into those nine sunflowers above the arc. Allow me to share the logo story. 

Together the nine sunflowers reach different heights, and each presenting a different sized flower, signifying how we each have something to offer, regardless of age, gender, and experience.  Nine represents the Spiritual connection between ourselves and the spirit world. It sets the intention for integrity and truth in the work of mediumship. 


The sunflowers are arranged on an arc or a bridge, representing the crossing over from an incarnate Spirit to a discarnate Spirit. We as Mediums, are conduits between here and the spirit world. We help to bridge the two, to assist in communication with those who have passed.


Leaves nurture the plant just as we nurture ourselves. There are thirteen leaves; one and three. One: it is necessary for us to understand ourselves and our relationship with our mediumship. 

Three: Mediumship is Soul to Soul to Soul, from Spirit through Spirit to Spirit. The number three is also the divine connection, our relationship to our particular understanding of God, the infinite creator, the god of your understanding. One plus three is four. Four: A fundamental aspect of your mediumship is building a strong foundation, from which you can grow and continue to develop. A solid foundation may provide you with the support for limitless opportunities. 


Sunflowers draw towards the sun, to the light and Mediums are often referred to as lightworkers. From the experiences and teachings throughout our lives, we learn, develop and grow. We experience both positive and negative events which provide lessons in life, which remain within us. We can choose to learn from and share these lessons or "seeds." We may decide to nurture ourselves and others as we grow and gain new understandings and we can help others do the same. 


Yellow signifies knowledge, teaching, joy and happiness. Green is healing and nurturing. All forms of mediumship should bring with it a form of healing; helping someone feel better and perhaps have a better outlook on the challenges in our lives. The brown-black is the foundation connection and importance of earth and grounding and the attention to details no matter how small it seems. 


As an individual sunflower, the petals represent our journey in seeking the truth in all that is, understanding things aren't necessarily as presented.  Always try to understand the reality hidden behind the illusions, always seek the truth. Be open to growth and learning, expand to know yourself. Your understanding of self will open you to more possibilities. 


Collectively the petals of the flowers represent our connection to Spirit and seeking wisdom. It's also the relationship between people and harmony within those relationships.


The name Summer Land Centre derives from the experience of Andrew Jackson Davis who is considered the founder of Modern Spiritualism. The hierarchy of spheres which comprise the Summerland, as described to Andrew Jackson Davis through spirit communication with Emanuel Swedenborg. Summerland is the name given to the spirit realm by Spiritualists. 


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