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  Just Announced

The Soul's Calling
with Brian Robertson and Simon James  -  Oakville, ON  -  Aug 22-25, 2019

We are excited to announce to "The Soul's Calling" with International Teachers Brian Robertson and Simon James. 


The Soul’s Calling is a retreat of lectures, discussion and practical work in the Intuitive Arts with International teachers Brian Robertson & Simon James. The course is August 23 - 26, 2018.


We invite you to join tutors Brian Robertson and Simon James on this course of lectures, discussion and practical work in psychism and mediumship, in a supportive environment of ethical practice.


There is a vital link between the development of the Self and the faculty of spiritual communication. The essential key to developing full mediumistic potential requires an awakening of the spirit. This course will speak most clearly to those who understand that the healthy development of mediumship cannot be separated from the sensitive as a whole.


This event is open to students at all levels of experience. Places will be held on a first come first served basis upon receipt of the completed Registration Form.


Location: Oakville, ON, Canada

Class Dates: Thursday, August 22 – Sunday, August 25, 2019
Program check-in Thursday, August 23, between 12:30 p.m. and 1:15 p.m..
Classes start Thursday, August 25 at 1:30 p.m.

Classes conclude Sunday, August 25 at 4:00 p.m.

Program Tuition: $1110
Includes: Classes, Evening Lectures, Meals, Coffee Breaks


To register or for more information email Summer Land Centre , or click the link below or email and type Request Application for "The Soul's Calling" in the subject line.


International Teachers
Brian Robertson

Brian Robertson

About Brian Robertson…


Brian Robertson is an internationally known medium, spiritual lecturer and highly respected teacher of transcommunication. He is the founder-president of the Inner Quest Foundation, a centre of study for the ethical development of mediums and serious students of the intuitive arts.  He teaches at major colleges and institutions around the world, and is a much sought-after advisor to multi-faith religious organizations, sharing the breadth of his esoteric knowledge both as a keynote speaker on international platforms and in documentary film, radio and television.


Brian Robertson’s distinguished career has been devoted to re-establishing a sacred vitality within esoteric mediumship and its associated arts, and to the development of ethical practitioners who understand that, without spiritual awareness, we leave but a poor legacy to the world. His down-to-earth guidance demands not only our attention, but our participation, encouraging us to unfold the spirit within each one of us and thereby create the beauty we wish to see in the world.

Simon James

Simon James

About Simon James…


Simon James is one of today’s finest classical spiritual mediums and a living link to the British tradition of the early 20th century, having been one of only five mediums chosen to be personally trained by the renowned Gordon Higginson. He is a director of the Inner Quest Foundation in Canada and teaches at major centres in Australia, Great Britain, the United States, Europe and around the world. Simon James holds a degree in Applied Psychology and has extensive knowledge of mythology, the tarot and related disciplines, which inform his work with mediums, teachers and medical professionals worldwide.


Simon James is above all a healer and a Renaissance man, whose depth of knowledge of mythology, ancient religion, and esoteric tradition underlies the richness of his teaching in the classroom, on international podiums and in the media. His humour and depth of compassion uplift all who come within his compass the world over, as he shares his innate wisdom as teacher, guide, inspirational speaker and world renowned spiritual medium.


Testimonials for "The Souls Calling" 
These testimonials are from students who participated in "The Soul's Calling" 2018

* * * * *

"The Souls Calling" was an interactive event, which was well organized and professionally served.  Simon James was clear and concise in his delivery of lectures and practices during the event.  The practice sessions were fun but also filled with inspiration for the attendees, and most had successful outcomes. A great many friendships were formed here as well.

Having been a practicing medium for over 40 years, this event opened the door to my own Souls Calling.

I cannot express enough gratitude to Simon James for helping me to open this door. 
I would recommend this course to all whether experienced medium or novice in this work. It will teach you about the history of mediums, the discipline needed to reach that pinnacle to being a medium with integrity, truth, and caring for people, and also the discipline needed to work at becoming that medium.

If this event is an indication of effort and organization, The Summer Land Centre will be successful in organizing many more events of diverse disciplines within this field.  Thank you Rita for your hard work organizing and overseeing this event. Your kind and caring attitude to others shone through!!    


A. Participant

* * * * *

I was taken aback with the knowledge and teaching from Simon James.  I expected to receive the same teachings that I've had at courses I had participated in during past years. However, I am pleased to say, "NO, it wasn’t!" I felt clarity, I now have direction and know there is so much more to look forward too!

Simon is a phenomenal teacher. He was patient, never rushing us. He answered each question, providing valuable insight with his lectures and discussions which all translated through the practical exercises. I highly recommend this class for everyone working with mediumship and healing. I know I will be practising what I learned and I look forward to the next courses. Thank you Summer Land Centre for providing such an excellent program and a most memorable experience to us, here in Ontario. 

Adele Ritchie

* * * * *

This was the most highest valued awareness that was energetically shifting my soul on a deeper level and moved me into strengthening positive thoughts and having more confidence in myself and achieving truth and accuracy in connecting with God and source.


Suzette Rose Lefebvre

* * * * *

I highly recommend taking courses or workshops through the Summer Land Centre. The facilitators are top notch!



Testimonials for Brian Robertson and Simon James 
These testimonials are from students who have participated in classes through other venues and centres.

* * * * *


In all my years of training, Simon and Brian are by far the best teachers I have had. I have learned the true art of Mediumship. They always teach with the utmost integrity. They, willingly share their knowledge with their students. 




* * * * *

In 2006, I began to pursue developing my mediumship, by travelling from the United States to the Arthur Findlay College in Stansted, England. I took classes with about 6 or 7 wonderful tutors.


A few years ago, I had the opportunity of attending a series of classes given by Simon James and Brian Robertson (both Arthur Findlay Tutors) in the United States. I felt I was sitting at the feet of two master mediums. The depth of their understanding of mediumship as well and religious/metaphysical knowledge was astounding. They were to provide so much context and understanding of what a medium should be and why.


Then they provided exercises to challenge and stretch my abilities. Studying with Simon and Brian became the cornerstone of my mediumship development. I highly recommend them because they are the best two teachers on mediumship, that I have encountered.


Rev. Sidney Schwartz

Pastor of Gifts of the Spirit Church


* * * * *


It is an honor to write a testimony for Revs. Simon James and Brian Robertson.  I have had the good fortune and pleasure to study mediumship with both of these outstanding teachers many times over the last ten years.   By far the best medium teachers I've ever sat with.  They are well informed on every topic that they teach their students; they are patient and caring.  They allow their students to grow and develop with gentle but firm direction. Each class I've taken with them, and there have been many, I am never bored or hoping it will end soon; on the contrary, I can't wait for the next class because I know that I will leave with new techniques and talents that have been accelerated by the guidance and direction I receive in their classes.  A big thank you to both Simon and Brian for helping me to stretch, grow and know Spirit more than I would ever have anticipated. 


With sincere gratitude,


Patricia Mellman

Teaticket, Cape Cod, Massachusetts USA


* * * * *


I am writing this email in hopes of sharing my experience as a student and mentee of Brian Robertson and Simon James.


I met them both while they participated in a service at The Journey Within in Pompton Lakes, NJ.  During the service, they brought through my maternal grandmother, and this was the very first time a spirit relative came through at this church.


I have participated in the three year School of the School Program, various lectures, workshops, Spiritualist Church Services, platform mediumship and speaking, and one to one readings.  Under their guidance, I was taught the fundamentals and history of mediumship and skill development.   I completed various homework assignments which included demonstrating skills I did not know I possessed.


I was always impressed with their strong sense of knowledge, integrity and ethical practice. Their energy and candor was always spot on...  They have significantly contributed to my development as a medium, intuitive, trance healer, and trance inspirational speaker.


I look forward to the opportunity to continue learning and receiving their exceptional guidance.


Thank you for the opportunity to share my experience.


Lorna J. Hines


* * * * *


Simon James and Brian Robertson are two of the most incredible teachers of the Intuitive Arts of our time. They are well spoken, passionate and captivating as they convey their vast knowledge of the Mediumistic arts. They help build a strong foundation in an often-confusing field. You can feel their devotion and respect to this field when you sit in their class. They are teachers for the devoted student.



* * * * *


The best tutors but even better friends. They connect with every student and create a space to inspire you to discover your inner abilities. 


Studying with them the past 8 years has truly been a blessing. 



Dennis J Battersby


* * * * *


From the moment I was invited to write a testimonial of my class experience with Simon James and Brian Robertson my memory immediately returned to my first class with them. The only real way to describe it is to refer to it as ‘an experience’.


First of all, no matter where you are with your knowledge and experience, know that attending will be a tremendous benefit for your growth. Each course is modified and tailored in 'real-time,’ from the moment you are greeted even before the class begins.


My first class was with 75 other student participants and many practising mediums. Honestly, I was ready to leave at lunchtime during the first day of a 5-day course. I had an inner debate, and it took all my strength to go back to class, as I felt I knew nothing about anything they were discussing in the morning session. I decided to finish the first day, and then at the end of the class, tell them that I did not belong in this class. I felt I did not belong with all these people who had come from all over the country--myself included. Little did I know that I was attending what was my first class of many, with these world-renowned teachers, who had so much to offer.


I still remember Simon's hand on my shoulder asking to speak to me in the middle of one of the exercises. It was as if he had read my mind. He asked for me to see him, and they explained everything I was going thru; that I did indeed belong in the class. I inquired as to how he knew all that, and he just laughed and told me that I had no idea.


I soon learned about both the art and the science of mediumship. They teach about the discipline that is required, as well as the majesty that is ever present in the practice of a medium. They can be intimidating but only because they know what you are capable of achieving.


Know that nothing is a coincidence, nothing occurs by chance. For instance, if they talk about a color that is in your aura and attention is drawn to you to provide an example, with a situation or to expand on a topic there is a message in there for YOU!  I have been the example many times, and I can tell you every time there was something I needed to hear and it was regarding something that was going on with me at the time. It may not have been evident to those around me, but I knew. 


Finally, the most impressive and ‘cannot miss’ moment of these classes are when they take off the teacher hats, and they show you, in a demonstration, just how majestic a reading can be. You are mesmerized as they wow an audience with their abilities to communicate with Spirit and validate beyond any shadow of a doubt who exactly is coming thru the veil from the other side with something to say.


I am psychic, and I use my gifts for my purposes. I never wanted to be a demonstrating medium on a platform in front of a crowd. Let me tell you that while I have no intention of pursuing that particular aspect, I have done it. They took away my fear, they taught me and gave me the tools and method of approach, they allowed me to stretch the boundaries of my abilities all during the sessions of class.


I heard I did well on that occasion even though it took all I had in me to walk up and say; I have a message from someone. That was all because of the training of Brian and Simon in how well they know their craft.


For me, Simon and Brian are representative of the finest mediumship demonstrated and taught in the world today. I urge anyone who has the opportunity to attend any course taught by these outstanding gentlemen. You will be marveled by the experience and motivated within yourself to become the best medium you can be in all aspects of this practice as you become part of the ‘experience.’




* * * * *



Over the years, I have participated in several classes with Brian Robertson and Simon James. I have read all the testimonials, and I couldn't agree more with the statements and accolades. Instead of repeating them I will share my experience and understanding.

I heard a lot about "the boys" from many developing Mediums, whom I met in different classes. I was intrigued as they gushed trying to relay to me how much they loved Brian and Simon's teachings; how amazing they were; and the value of their class experiences. I could feel how passionate people were when they shared their stories and I knew it to be true. It piqued my interest. 

Several years ago I sat in a couple of lectures where Simon James shared his teachings on Mediumship. I also participated in a class with both Simon and Brian at a weekend course here in Ontario, where I experienced an aha moment.  I was very impressed with what I heard and what they shared. I wanted more!

When they offered "The School of the Soul," I knew I wanted to be part of the class and put my application in, crossing my fingers that I would be accepted. 

"The School of the Soul" was an amazing experience one that I recommend to anyone who is serious about their mediumship development. Regardless of your personal goals with your mediumship: be it a practising Medium offering healing; one-on-one readings; platform work; spirit artist; or being what they refer to as "The Everyday Medium," you will learn what you need in their classes. 

I sincerely recommend attending their classes. You may choose to do it here, or in Victoria, B.C., or in any area they offer classes. It may very well change the way you work, and expand your understanding. You will grow, you will gain confidence, and you will attain a new outlook on how and why you do what you do. Your foundation for mediumship will be stronger, and you will continue to grow! 

I invite you to make a decision, perhaps step out of your comfort zone, be open to what they share. Be prepared as you may experience a paradigm shift, one that you will appreciate and be much better for. Challenge yourself to change.  



Rita Vogel Post

Summer Land Centre


* * * * *


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